8 Ideas for Dairy-free Recipes Using Coconut Milk

Dec 29, 2021
We invite you to create recipes that use coconut milk (dairy-free product) instead of dairy ingredients. Statistics show that 70% of the global population experience stomachaches or diarrhea after drinking milk or foods containing dairy products. Dairy-free products also meet the needs of customers with dairy allergies.

What can you use as a substitute for milk?

One of the options is coconut milk. This product is extracted from the flesh of the coconut, which is white and gives a rich, creamy flavor very similar to milk. It can be used as a substitute for milk in many recipes. It helps improve the digestive system due to the reduced consumption of milk. It’s perfect for people with lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy as well as vegetarians and vegans, which can help increase sales opportunities.

MHA is recommending eight menu items that you can include your dairy-free recipes as well as Ampawa 100% Coconut Milk which is white, rich, aromatic and creamy just like freshly pressed coconut milk. It’s convenient to use and can be stored more easily and for longer than fresh coconut milk because it’s packaged in an easy-to-use bottle and has been through a preservative-free sterilizing packaging process. You can use it for savory or sweet dishes. If your restaurant uses a lot of coconut milk, Ampawa even offers 1,000-cc boxes as an option. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.

1. Ice cream

Thai people have been familiar with ice cream for a long time. Normally, ice cream contains dairy as a main ingredient. However, you can substitute it all with coconut milk to make sweet and cold ice cream that retains the sweetness, creaminess and smooth texture but with the fragrance of coconut milk. You can serve it topped with red beans, sticky rice, toddy palm, etc. You can offer it as dessert in your restaurant or sell it in scoops. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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2. Pancakes 

Try substituting the milk with coconut milk. First, mix together the chicken eggs, brown sugar, coconut milk, salt and vegetable oil and then add the flour. Next, fry the batter in a pan lightly coated with vegetable oil (or butter). Serve the pancakes with maple syrup or honey with banana or other fruits on the side. Otherwise, topping them with shredded coconut makes them pretty appetizing. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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3. Custard

lngredients for custard includes milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla flavoring. You can substitute coconut milk for milk. It’ll help add a creamy aroma. If you add coconut sugar in there, the sweet, creamy aroma will be even more intense. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.

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4. Coconut milk coffee

We might be used to adding milk or creamer to coffee, but coconut milk coffee is becoming an increasingly popular trend overseas with health lovers and vegans because coconut milk is made from coconuts and is, therefore, cholesterol-free. It’s a food that contains high levels of saturated fat as well as medium-chain fatty acids that are easily digested and do not cause allergic reactions. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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5. Coconut Smoothie

For a simple drink like coconut smoothie, try adding coconut milk to make it more aromatic and creamier without the addition of fresh milk. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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6. Coconut pudding 

Ingredients include coconut water, gelatin powder, coconut milk, sugar and salt. Be a bit careful not to let the coconut milk separate when adding the gelatin and coconut water. Once mixed, pour into a mold and refrigerate until it’s set. Now you have coconut pudding with the aroma of coconut milk ready to be served. You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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7. Salads 

For many salad dishes, we usually add evaporated milk to add creaminess and fragrance. Try switching to coconut milk. For example, fried spinach with coconut milk dressing by Chef Mai.  You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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8. Young coconut cake 

This usually contains young coconut in the cream icing. You can substitute coconut milk for the milk used for both the cake and the icing. It’ll give the cake a more delicate texture and make the icing smooth with a stronger coconut fragrance.  You can buy Ampawa Coconut Milk at Makro or Makroclick.
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