All You Need to Know About Deliveries, Plus Tricks from Experts and Ideas from Restaurateurs

Jul 12, 2021

The restaurant lockdown crisis is toxic! It’s making deliveries and to-go orders the main way to survive. Today, MHA has gathered all you need to know about deliveries, restaurant menu organization, snack menu items for boosting sales, interviews with restaurateurs who will share the strategies that helped them survive the previous lockdown crisis and interviews with experts who will share delivery tricks without holding back.
Knowledge about Deliveries

Tricks to Selecting Menu Items for Delivery That Beginners Should Know for Good Sales and Delivery to Customers on Time! 

Comparing 5 Online Food Delivery Apps, Which Is Suitable for Your Restaurant? 

Hidden Costs and Problems That Follow after Entering a Delivery System That Might Destroy Your Restaurant If Left Unstudied! 

Is Offering a Delivery Service Worth the GP?

Selling via Food Delivery Apps or Delivering Yourself via Motorcycle, Which Is Better?

Get Rich by Improving Food Delivery Services! 

Delivery Packaging for Restaurant Convenience and Customer Peace of Mind

Extending Ingredient Usage Life 

Techniques for Extending Ingredient Shelf Life and Preventing Money from Leaking, So Your Restaurant Can Survive from Chef Willment Leong 

Ideas for Organizing Your Restaurant’s Menu Items and Snacks and Boosting Sales via Delivery

Altering Recipes to Tackle the Emergency by Delivering Frozen Food Nationwide to Generate a 6-Figure Income 

MHA Talk invites you to learn from the success of four famous restaurants, to learn from actual experience to improve your business. 

The Virus Created Jobs: Flying Sweets, Hundred-Thousand-Baht Brownies Project of a Thai Airways Captain 

Uncle Meow Ruean Charoong Recommends a Solution to Restaurants for Survival: Create an Online Identity 

Street Food Survival against Covid-19 in Chef Yeast Nakul Style

Meal Kits, a New Sales Opportunity for Restaurants 

If You Want to Sell Food as a Secondary Occupation During This Time, How Do You Get Ready? 

Snacks Can Be Highly Profitable; Easy to Make, They Can Boost Your Sales through Many Channels

Interviews with Restaurateurs and Experts

5 Food Delivery Tips on How to Survive, Make Profit and Not Lose Money 

How to Create a Brand Through Food Packaging to Add Value and Make You Stand Out So Customers Can Recognize You 

Nowadays Attractive Looks and Good Flavor Isn’t Enough; You Need Food Safety to Raise Your Delivery Level to Create Good Health and Step into International Standards 

Strategies to Success of Food Delivery Style, Summary of interesting highlights from 3 specialists at Smart Restaurant Plus event.  

Revealing the Robinhood food app’s Good Sales Strategies and the Idea of Not Collecting GP, Meeting the Needs of Small Restaurants 

How Khiang Built a Street Food Delivery Brand and Expanded to Over 80 Branches within 2 Years

Tips for Online Marketing for Restaurants in the New Normal Era by Digital Tips

Open the Textbook to Overcome the Crisis with Chef Somsak Rarongkam, President of the Thai Chefs' Association

With the Virus Crisis, You Need to Be Even Cleaner:  Food Safety, Delivery Version

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